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13 - Sep - 2021

Thanks for your support!

Last Saturday we cycled 100 km to raise money for sustainable water supply in Ethiopia. It was great to do this with a part of our team!

Meet the team

8 - Jul - 2021

This time we meet Philip Boermans, Quality Inspector.

Philip is 47 years old, married and has 2 children. His hobbies are cycling in the forest and in the windy Dutch polders. Furthermore he likes to go out into the nature with his familiy. Philip started his career at Messrs FTK in Bleiswijk, which used to be one of the leading importers of exotics. 

At Fruitify Experts Philip works as Quality Inspector, but he is also the trainer of our new colleagues. He followed various studies on quality assurance of fruit and vegetables. He also followed a course at the University of UC Davis in Ripening Fruit. The latest study -Refrigerated Technology Course- was at the University of Wageningen. 

Philip enjoys his job at Fruitify, because it is international business and he likes the diversity of the job (sitting all day on a chair is not his kind of thing). He likes to work with fruit. Somehow every day there is a moment that he realises what a miracle it is how the fruit grows. 

And last but not least: at Fruitify Experts we have a great team with a lot of experience, so we can still learn a lot of each other.

Vacature Kwaliteitscontroleur

1 - Jul - 2021

We're hiring! Fruitify Experts B.V. heeft een vacacture voor 


Fruitify Experts B.V. is een professioneel en sterk groeiend expertisebureau op het gebied van kwaliteitszorg en schade-expertises in de AGF-sector, gevestigd in Ridderkerk, Breda en ‘s Gravenzande. Binnen ons bedrijf werken wij met een jong, enthousiast en ambitieus team. Fruitify Experts B.V. is onderdeel van de HDG Survey Group B.V.

 Wat houdt het werk in? 
• Het zelfstandig vaststellen van de kwaliteit van groente en fruit
• Het herkennen van schades
• Het adviseren van onze klanten op het gebied van post-harvest problematiek
• Functioneren als vraagbaak op het gebied van groente, fruit, transport en opslag

Deze functie vereist van jou:
• Minimaal MBO-4, werk- en denkniveau
• Affiniteit met de AGF branche
• Uitstekende communicatieve vaardigheden
• Geen 9 tot 5 mentaliteit (flexibele instelling)
• Positieve instelling
• Goede beheersing van de Nederlandse en Engelse taal ; Duits en/of Spaans is een pré

Wat bieden wij jou:
• Een prettige werksfeer
• Opleidingen en trainingen
•Een marktconform salaris en uitstekende secundaire arbeidsvoorwaarden
• Auto en telefoon van de zaak

Deze kwaliteiten zijn vereist:
• Stressbestendig
• Accuraat
• Proactieve werkhouding

Herken je jezelf hierin, stuur dan jouw sollicitatiebrief met CV vóór 15 juli 2021 naar  Heb je nog vragen? Bel naar 06-83992571 (directeur) of  088-0242800 (kantoor).  

Meet the team

22 - Apr - 2021

The next introduction of one of our team members is Hans Troost, Senior-Surveyor

Hans is 57 years old, married and lives in Stellendam. His hobbies are walking with his 2 dogs, gardening, traveling and photography. He started his career at Messrs FTK in Bleiswijk which used to be one of the leading importers of exotics.

In 2012 Hans joined a brand new company with the name HDG Services, which has now grown into a leading company in the expertise world named Fruitify Experts. 

Hans followed various studies on quality assurance of fruit and vegetables. The latest study – Refrigerated Technology Course - was at the University of Wageningen. Also due to various trips to production areas of grapes, citrus etc. his pre-harvest knowledge has increased enormously.

What Hans likes most about his job? Working with international contacts from all over the world, giving them consultancy and to share information with each other and also with the whole Fruitify Experts team. The wide range of products which need to be inspected is also what he likes very much. Every day is a challenge!

Hans’ motto is: less words but more actions.

Meet the team

12 - Feb - 2021

This time we meet Ruby van Wijk, Office Manager 

Ruby is 28 years old, she lives in Berkel en Rodenrijs with her partner and cat. They are currently busy preparing things for their move to Bergschenhoek in March. In her spare time Ruby likes to go for a walk and hang out with friends. 

Ruby has been working as Office Manager at Fruitify Experts since 2018. On a daily basis, she takes care of the planning of the quality controls, the invoicing of the QC’s and other associated administrative tasks. Ruby is also KAM-coördianator and involved in the ISO certification of Fruitify Experts. Furthermore she fulfills a large part of the HR tasks within Fruitify Experts. This autum she will start a subsequent training for HR. Ruby really enjoys the diversity of her work and working with her colleagues!

Ruby’s motto: Where there is a will, there is a way.

HDG Services - Fruitify Experts

4 - Jan - 2021

We are Fruitify Experts! 

This is the new name of HDG Services, which expresses more accurately to who we are and what we do. We continue to guarantee the same independent quality of fruit inspections. 

Brand New Plans

16 - Dec - 2020

You know HDG Services from our independent quality inspections. But apart from those we started another project this year. HDG Services is going to take a new step. 

The 4th of January 2021 we will have a big announcement. Stay tuned! We'll keep you posted...

Meet the team

26 - Nov - 2020

Let's continue with the introduction of our team. This time Alexander Veltman, Senior-surveyor and Planner

Alexander is 48 years old, married and has 4 children and also 1 grandchild. He started his career as junior QC at Messrs The Greenery in Kampen in 1992.

Alexander followed various studies on quality assurance of fruit and vegetables. The latest study was at Wageningen University, provided by UC-Davis from California. The last few years, Alexander is also the person who takes care of the planning within the company. It is very challenging, but also a nice job to ensure the best planning for the complete team at all the different locations every day.  

What he likes most about his job? Working with international contacts from all over the world. In addition working in a team as part of the team,  to ensure that we get the job done every day.

Alexander's motto is: Don't think in terms of problems, but in terms of solutions.

Meet the team

15 - Oct- 2020

Let's introduce our team to you. We start with Leander van Bellen, Managing Director

Leander started HDG Services in 2012.  

Leander is 49 years old, married and has 4 children. He started his career as junior QC at Messrs Citronas in Rotterdam in 1991. He became registered surveyor in 2007 which is officially acknowledged by the Dutch Institute of Registered Surveyors ( NIVRE). Leander is currently studying next to his full time job. He is doing a MBA at the Business University of Nyenrode that specializes in Business & Sustainable Transitions. In his spare time Leander likes to sail or work in the garden.

What he likes most about his job? Every day is different! The international contacts and the constant changes in the branche bring out the best in him. It’s also great to see employees develop into independent experts.

Leander’s motto is : We guarantee quality, no matter what! 

HDG Services teambuilding

1 - Oct - 2020

HDG Services on Safari.

Last weekend: teambuilding with almost the entire team. It was great to see each other and to spent time with our team. We were guests at TeamTripper, a beautiful place and experience in our own small country. 

Brand new plans

24 - Sep - 2020

Busy with making brand new plans with Brand Matters Creatives and Id4U. 

To be continued. 

Making a difference

23 -  Dec - 2019

Fruitify Experts sponsors Mirriam house in Paarl, South Africa. In the heart of Mbekweni, a township on the outskirts of Paarl, lives quite an extraordinary family. It is here where one mother and her twenty children optimize the core value of being a family: unconditional love.

Mirriam serves them on a daily basis proving food, shelter, clothes, schooling and love. We as Fruitify Experts were very happy that we were able to hand over a cheque to ‘Uncle Christo’ from The Grape community. They are fund and manage the house. It was so great to speak with Mirriam in person and to see what she is doing for those kids.