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Fruitify Experts has a dedicated team of experts in fresh fruit and vegatables. If you are confronted with damaged cargo, you need the most reliable partner to fully protect your interests.

The best service.

  • Joint survey organized within 12 hours after receiving the notification of claim
  • Relevant information delivered within 48 hours 
  • Four eyes principle on every research report
  • Continuous investment in knowledge and technology 
  • Research partner of Wageningen University
Fruitify Experts, the most trusted name to handle any fruit claim

We understand complexity

Fruit is known to be the most complex export product. Every variety has its own storage specifications and transport compliance regulations. In our reports we evaluate not only the nature of the damage, but also the extent, the possible cause and the consequences. All reports are double checked by another senior employee. This helps to avoid errors and to keep us alert – every day, every survey.

Be prepared, ask for a Nivre Expert

With the number of claims on the rise, insurance companies are increasingly asking for a survey by a Nivre Expert. Nivre is the highest ranking for quality and damage experts in the Netherlands. The reports of Nivre Experts meet the highest European and international standards and considered to be the strongest evidence in expert reports. 

Any time, any place

We understand that time is of the essence. Our survey experts are fully focused on cargo surveys and are therefore always available to survey your cargo within a few hours.